20 December 2008

Fort Worth followers....

Everyone in and around Fort Worth needs to head to Cabbage Rose on Vickery. They're having the biggest, best sale! I left with a huge bag of fabric yesterday :) They have tons of autumn and halloween fabrics on clearance, including flannels. I have a whole new stash for next year!

You've seen my posts about our new home....
We're considering hosting a craft show/open house this October. Lots of our own art & craft combined with a select few additional artists. Any input would be appreciated as we plan this event! I can't wait to hear your ideas.....:)
Get in touch with me if you are interested in displaying your wares. More info will be forthcoming as decisions are made and details are nailed down.

14 December 2008

New Inspiration

I think most crafters know how difficult it can be to find new inspiration. Occasionally I'm overwhelmed by new ideas and maniacally try to fit loads of new things into the schedule, but this time of year you're more likely to find me grumbling about special orders and making things I know will sell rather than new and fun items. In an effort to stave off holiday boredom and overload I took a class from my very, very creative friend Naomi in wool applique. I have always loved the look of traditional penny rugs but now there are a plethora of new designs to inspire. I found that learning a new stitching method has provided all the impetus I needed to work happily through Christmas. I'm even excited about some new spring ideas.....
If your holiday is too busy to include a class or
new project, let me suggest scheduling one early in the year. New skills and fresh ideas are so important. Here are a few things I've completed since the class:

29 November 2008

Christmas Spirit

I always boycott Christmas until we've gotten past Thanksgiving....I think we have a tendency to skip this very important family holiday before the madness.
That being said.....

Yay! It's officially the Christmas season!
Here's a Christmas freebie for y'all, sorry we haven't posted one in a while. Happy holiday crafting!

25 November 2008

To unpack or not to unpack......?

Addendum to the last post about the new house....
Seems as though the cold water situation was not due to my lack of planning! Yay me! After quite a few handy fellas looked at it, an actual plumber needed to spend a few hours under the house rerouting some water lines and uncrossing hot/cold lines. It all seemed quite dire until he finished and presented us with a very small bill. We now have scalding hot water and I've never been so happy to take a shower!
Most everything else has been going smoothly. We ordered our gas stove and it will be delivered Wednesday.....just in time to cook Thanksgiving dinner :) We have so many boxes the house looks a bit like a maze, but I did get the couches cleared off so we can lounge as needed. My cat seems to be calming down somewhat. Those of you who know me also know my cat is a tad neurotic. There is still a load of "stuff" at David's that needs to be magically transported to the house in the near future.....anyone volunteering? Nearly every inch of the house needs some sort of weatherstripping/sealant/caulk and it's getting colder, so we'll have to address that pretty quickly. Otherwise, we're looking good.
I have to thank James and Fairlle for bringing a movie and their great company last night. We wanted to relax a little and they kindly provided much needed entertainment. I hope everyone who helped us move (ahem...broke their backs) knows how much they are appreciated. We know we have the best friends and family! Thank you so much!
Now.....to unpack before Thanksgiving so the pictures look perfect? Naw! Good food with people we love will be just fine. Who cares if we use paper plates and sit on the couch?!

21 November 2008

The...ahem...not so seamless transition to the dream home

After the excitement of finding the home of our dreams comes the inevitable backlash....moving in, finding quirks (good and bad), miscellaneous repairs, etc.

We closed on the house mid-week. Our work schedules didn't allow moving until the weekend, so we decided to "camp out" that first night....stake our claim, so to speak. Fun, right? No furniture, just a blanket and pillows, and very excited homeowners.

Our first night as "dream home" owners was spent not sleeping on a very hard floor, freezing and miserable. Together, but miserable. In a fit of organizational pique, I made sure all the utilities (gas, water, electric) were properly set up and operational before closing. I just neglected to have the gas furnaces lit. Ooops...It was 32 degrees that night. Forgot the hot water heater, too. Try an icy shower after freezing and sleeping on the floor all night :-/ Dang it, we have a claw-foot tub and no hot water!
Big sigh.
Dream home.

Oh, did I mention we only got one key? One lone key, and the real estate agent gave us the code for the lock-box and told us to get it ourselves! Still can't get the lock-box off the doorknob, but that's ok because the doorknob doesn't actually work! Thank goodness the deadbolt does. The back door doesn't even have a door knob to complain about.
Big sigh.
Dream home.

Then there's the mirror situation. We have three bathrooms and none of them have mirrors. The only spot to get ready for work seems to be in front of the mirrored door in the den.....it faces the front porch and an enormous picture window. Very pleased to face the neighbors in the morning. Not a closet rod in the place either.
Big sigh.
Dream home.

The second night in our dream house will be accompanied by every stick of furniture we own, approximately 1000 books, working heaters, comfy beds, HOT WATER, and.....
Big sighs....
of contentment and happiness :)

We did actually have fun eating peppermint oreos on the floor under a quilt, walking from room to room making plans for the future, being grateful for our very very good fortune. There will undoubtedly be more days that make us scratch our heads and wonder what possessed us to buy an 86 year old home, but it will always be
Our Dream Home!

28 October 2008

Home of PunkinPatch

Welcome to the new home of

We are more than a lil proud to show off our new home! Finally we have enough room, personally and professionally....15 rooms should give us sufficient space to create :)

Forgive us if we interject personal updates (decor and home renovation stuff) amidst the craft, pattern, and show updates.
For all our friends, here's the rundown.......

1922 Craftsman/Arts and Crafts/Prairie style, two story home with glowing hardwood floors, two living rooms, two fireplaces, formal dining room, six bedrooms, three baths, a sunroom (aka David's watercolor studio), an adorable sleeping porch/balcony, a six foot cast iron claw-foot tub, the sunniest laundry room ever, and various and sundry period details that make me smile like a fool.

Everyone is welcome to smack us if we grin too terribly much.
And you're all invited to Thanksgiving dinner!

*Vive le potiron!*

30 September 2008

The Art Monkey Gets Beaten Mercilessly (or Adventures with Quilting Ninjas)

So, I'm minding my own business drawing sugar skulls so i can be cute and creepy at the same time, and my Irish taskmaster (taskmistress?) hits me with a whip across the back (and not one of those sexy whips, either. Long, awful barbed thing...) and tells me to write the Fall post quilting show blog. I tried to pretend senility, it failed. My next gambit was to convince her that I'm illiterate. Fail. I forgot she knows that i know how to type.
Blog. Blog blog blog blog *CRACK* owowowowow.......
The quilt show was soo much fun. I love the drive in unloading thing at Will Rodgers. It made set up easy. Of course I let the smart one do the actual display, so i was the work monkey and little more, completely ignored unless my back is required. So, unappreciated and abused, beaten and ridiculed, I decided to walk about and check out the quilty stuff.
Understand, this is my first exposure to this kind of show. The art is amazing, the discipline is awe inspiring, and I have to admit that I was honestly awestruck by the sheer ability of the quilters who displayed their works.
I have to give a huuuge shouted 'thank you' to the ladies of the guild, they made it fun and easy for the newbies like us. I was nice and polite at all times, to those of you who know me and was wondering about my behavior. There's a staggering amount of razor sharp things hanging in easy reach everywhere, and I'm more than sure that there's more than one husband surgically dissembled at home in the freezer.....
*CRACK* owowowowowowowow
We did sooo well, it was just perfect and I got my cheeks pinched by dozens of wonderful grannies and aunties, and my butt pinched at least twice. We made a small but excellent bank, and had a great time and we were thoroughly impressed. Needless to say, we have decided to find more quilting shows to display at. There's a good chance we got more wholesale customers, and people interested in carrying the punkin flag for us so we're really looking forward to a long term run and lotsa fun along the way.
Next show is L.D. Bell, first week of December. It's a craft show, so we expect Heather's stitchery to do as well as it always does, which is extremely well. Maybe I can talk her into stitching a few sugar skull if I can convince her to stop beating me long enough to finish this one..... owowowowow..... d.

21 September 2008

Where to find us online

We currently sell patterns and stitched goodies online. In the future we will be adding prints, paintings, and who knows what else!

Check us out:

etsy: punkinpatchcrafts.etsy.com

ebay seller id: bowheadgavin

patternmart designer id: Punkin Patch Craft Designs

Or email us with special requests at:

16 September 2008

Trinity Valley Quilt Show

The Trinity Valley Quilt Show at Will Rogers Memorial Center
starts Friday Sept. 19th!

Come by and visit our booth (#56)
and check out all the new patterns.

Show times are:
*Friday 19th (10-5)
*Saturday 20th (10-5)
*Sunday 21st (11-4)

Thanks for your support :)


03 September 2008

What A Cozy Day...

It's early September in Texas and the temperature is a perfectly delightful 72!
Woke up this morning to find it cool and cloudy which does wonders for my creativity.
All I wanna do today is sew and create......but alas, off to work I go.
HiHo HiHo.

Our first BIG show as PunkinPatchCraftDesigns is rapidly approaching and I'm starting to feel a little frantic. That's usually a good thing, since it takes a little panic to kick me into high gear.
I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed this week (hence the desire to stay home and sew!) but any minute I'm gonna turn into a creative machine! I just know it!

David has designed some incredibly beautiful fall patterns this year. I think I'll work on those today and post a picture or two as inspiration :)

Everyone should enjoy a little something cozy today to celebrate...FALL IS HERE!!!!

06 August 2008

Busy Business Beavers

Well friends, this is shaping up to be a very busy summer/fall.
Our pattern and craft business is keeping us constantly creating and evolving, and now it seems we are to add another business to the family.
David will be the new owner of the shop (where he currently works) beginning October 1st. Not really a big change but a few new additions to the list of responsibilities. This is certainly a good change and we are excited as well as a tad nervous.
Looks like fall will be tumultuous for me too. I'm finally moving to the big city! Well, ok, to the edge of medium-sized Fort Worth anyway. I'm really stoked about this. Less "where did I see that?...oh shoot, left it here or there....did I pack art stuff?"...etc, more time with friends and family. Yay me!

Anyway, those of you who know, love, and support us....be patient if we miss a few phone calls or need advice (ad nauseum) and pat us lovingly as we streak by :)

02 August 2008

Texas summer

Good grief, it's hot as blazes here in Texas!
The forecast today is 107 with a heat index of 112.
I wilt just thinking about it :(
Anyone have a mountain cabin somewhere they'd be willing to loan out to some starving artists? I feel certain inspiration would flourish if I were ever so slightly cooler. Oh well, we knew it was coming.
My heat induced depression (well, incarceration really) has forced me to think ahead to the autumn season........
I'm thinking leaves, acorns, squirrels, crows, etc, etc. Makes me feel a bit cooler.
Fall will be here before we know it!!

*Happy Crafting*

16 July 2008


I love etsy.com!!!!!
Check out our store at:

or click on the following logo:

15 July 2008

Craft Show Schedule

Before the craft show season gets really rolling, here's a tentative schedule of the shows we are planning to attend:

*Trinity Valley Quilt Show
September 19-20-21
Amon Carter Exhibit Hall, Will Rogers Memorial Complex
Fort Worth, Texas

*HollyDay Bazaar
November 8
Granbury Convention Center
Granbury, Texas

*LD Bell High School
December 6
1601 Brown Trail
Hurst, Texas

There may be a little shuffling as the holiday months get here.
I'll try to update the calendar pretty often.
Come by and check out all the holiday merchandise. David is designing new artwork every day and I'm stitching and stitching and stitching :)
We'd love to see you at any (or all!) of these shows!

Happy Crafting!!!!

02 July 2008

WooHoo! New kits are here!

WooHoo! We now have stitchery kits for sale!

These are great for beginners, travelers, gifts, etc.
Each kit includes:
*one design on muslin (you choose the pattern!)
*spring tension hoop (the best!)
*hand sewing needles
*full skeins of embroidery floss in each color needed for your design
*simple instructions for basic embroidery stitches

After stitching the design included with the kit, you will have the basic tools to continue on your own. You'll be hooked (or stitched?)!!!!!!

15 May 2008

Where you can find us online

We currently sell patterns and stitched goodies online. In the future we will be adding prints, paintings, and who knows what else!

Check us out:

etsy: punkinpatchcrafts.etsy.com

ebay seller id: bowheadgavin

patternmart designer id: Punkin Patch Craft Designs

Logo or no?

This is one of our merchandise tags. Original design and watercolor by David.
I think it has the potential to be our year-round logo. What do you think?

A bit about us...

PunkinPatchCraftDesigns is the brainchild of two weirdos. Seriously.
Who could've imagined a craft and pattern company originating with a tattooer and an attorney?

My name is Heather, I'm the attorney. Disgruntled, unhappy attorney. I left the legal field to manage the family craft mall & bookstore temporarily while I decided what to do with my life. Six years later, I'm still at Artisans and feeling more creative (and happy) than ever!

David is the tattooer. He's been an artist since childhood but became a tattooer fourteen years ago to make a living. It's tough going for artists but at least tattooing is semi-artistic!

So.....an artist/tattooer starts hanging out with a lawyer/crafty gal.....discussions about the lack of patterns and mutual inspirations develop......voila! PunkinPatchCraftDesigns is born.
By the way, PunkinPatch isn't as cutesy as it sounds. Punkin is my childhood nickname (ok, slightly cutesy) and David considers himself quite the pirate (hehe, eye patch) soooo....
We have a logo in development, I'll post it when it's perfecto.