28 July 2013

Upcoming show dates

Plano Quilt Show - August 9 & 10 (9am-5pm)

Trinity Valley Quilt Show - September 27, 28, & 29

Granbury Quilt Show - October 4 & 5

Houston Quilt Festival - October 31 - November 3

24 June 2013

Back to basics.

Last week was spent stitching. Normal right? Well, kind of. I may stitch for a living, but that means whipping out wool applique samples for shows and magazines rather than embroidery these days. Last week I focused solely on using embroidery to define and color a pattern sample which is where I began in the fiber arts industry. I have always LOVED embroidery! I think I forgot how zen it can be to place stitch after stitch and see a beautiful image appear. I will be doing more this week! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

17 March 2013

Giveaway!! You like free stuff right?

Oh I loooove a giveaway! Lots of peeps seem to be doing this on Instagram and I think I'll join in.

I know how expensive wooly goodness can be, so how 'bout an assorted bundle of 20 pieces of our hand dyed wool? Sound good? Hmm?

To enter, leave a comment here on the blog or on my Instagram post then share/repost with #woolygiveaway in your repost. Easy? Excellent! Tell your posse so they have a chance, too. I will pick a winner 3/21/2013.

Busy busy busy!!

We've been working nonstop this year! Our new studio is shaping up nicely. In case you missed that news, we moved our quilt show goodies and pattern design business into a new 1200sf space with a dedicated dye kitchen for hand dying wool! We're in heaven and our house has never been so clutter free! We've already had several great quilt shows and I thought it was time to give ya' our schedule for the year so you can come see us:

April 12-13 Bentonville, Arkansas Quilt Show
July 26-27 Fort Worth Texas Quilt Guild Show
August 9-10 Plano Texas Quilt Guild Show
September 27-29 Trinity Valley Quilt Guild Show Fort Worth Texas
October 4-5 Granbury Texas Quilt Guild Show
November - Houston Quilt Festival

Now how about a little show and tell?! I've been trying to finish a few projects for myself. I made myself a sewing machine cover and stitched up a wool floral appliqué that will hang in our bedroom! Yay! I've also sewn blocks for a quilt, but I'll wait to post pictures until I get it completed.

Now that you've read this far.....check out my next post for a giveaway! I do love a free goodie...

05 January 2013

Spring penny mat

This is an older pattern, but still super cute for spring or Easter. Pattern sells for $10 and wool kit+pattern are $25.

Another new kit.....or two!

This beautiful floral appliqué is available as a pattern for $10 or a kit (with lots of wool!) for $50. Remember, we always ship purchases from our blog or orders from shows FREE!!!

The diamond penny rug is available as a kit only. $50 gets you approximately 1.5 yards of hand-dyed wool, including enough for the foundation, backing, and all the pennies. I also include my tips & tricks for working with wool!