03 September 2008

What A Cozy Day...

It's early September in Texas and the temperature is a perfectly delightful 72!
Woke up this morning to find it cool and cloudy which does wonders for my creativity.
All I wanna do today is sew and create......but alas, off to work I go.
HiHo HiHo.

Our first BIG show as PunkinPatchCraftDesigns is rapidly approaching and I'm starting to feel a little frantic. That's usually a good thing, since it takes a little panic to kick me into high gear.
I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed this week (hence the desire to stay home and sew!) but any minute I'm gonna turn into a creative machine! I just know it!

David has designed some incredibly beautiful fall patterns this year. I think I'll work on those today and post a picture or two as inspiration :)

Everyone should enjoy a little something cozy today to celebrate...FALL IS HERE!!!!

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