06 August 2008

Busy Business Beavers

Well friends, this is shaping up to be a very busy summer/fall.
Our pattern and craft business is keeping us constantly creating and evolving, and now it seems we are to add another business to the family.
David will be the new owner of the shop (where he currently works) beginning October 1st. Not really a big change but a few new additions to the list of responsibilities. This is certainly a good change and we are excited as well as a tad nervous.
Looks like fall will be tumultuous for me too. I'm finally moving to the big city! Well, ok, to the edge of medium-sized Fort Worth anyway. I'm really stoked about this. Less "where did I see that?...oh shoot, left it here or there....did I pack art stuff?"...etc, more time with friends and family. Yay me!

Anyway, those of you who know, love, and support us....be patient if we miss a few phone calls or need advice (ad nauseum) and pat us lovingly as we streak by :)

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