15 May 2008

Where you can find us online

We currently sell patterns and stitched goodies online. In the future we will be adding prints, paintings, and who knows what else!

Check us out:

etsy: punkinpatchcrafts.etsy.com

ebay seller id: bowheadgavin

patternmart designer id: Punkin Patch Craft Designs

Logo or no?

This is one of our merchandise tags. Original design and watercolor by David.
I think it has the potential to be our year-round logo. What do you think?

A bit about us...

PunkinPatchCraftDesigns is the brainchild of two weirdos. Seriously.
Who could've imagined a craft and pattern company originating with a tattooer and an attorney?

My name is Heather, I'm the attorney. Disgruntled, unhappy attorney. I left the legal field to manage the family craft mall & bookstore temporarily while I decided what to do with my life. Six years later, I'm still at Artisans and feeling more creative (and happy) than ever!

David is the tattooer. He's been an artist since childhood but became a tattooer fourteen years ago to make a living. It's tough going for artists but at least tattooing is semi-artistic!

So.....an artist/tattooer starts hanging out with a lawyer/crafty gal.....discussions about the lack of patterns and mutual inspirations develop......voila! PunkinPatchCraftDesigns is born.
By the way, PunkinPatch isn't as cutesy as it sounds. Punkin is my childhood nickname (ok, slightly cutesy) and David considers himself quite the pirate (hehe, eye patch) soooo....
We have a logo in development, I'll post it when it's perfecto.