30 September 2008

The Art Monkey Gets Beaten Mercilessly (or Adventures with Quilting Ninjas)

So, I'm minding my own business drawing sugar skulls so i can be cute and creepy at the same time, and my Irish taskmaster (taskmistress?) hits me with a whip across the back (and not one of those sexy whips, either. Long, awful barbed thing...) and tells me to write the Fall post quilting show blog. I tried to pretend senility, it failed. My next gambit was to convince her that I'm illiterate. Fail. I forgot she knows that i know how to type.
Blog. Blog blog blog blog *CRACK* owowowowow.......
The quilt show was soo much fun. I love the drive in unloading thing at Will Rodgers. It made set up easy. Of course I let the smart one do the actual display, so i was the work monkey and little more, completely ignored unless my back is required. So, unappreciated and abused, beaten and ridiculed, I decided to walk about and check out the quilty stuff.
Understand, this is my first exposure to this kind of show. The art is amazing, the discipline is awe inspiring, and I have to admit that I was honestly awestruck by the sheer ability of the quilters who displayed their works.
I have to give a huuuge shouted 'thank you' to the ladies of the guild, they made it fun and easy for the newbies like us. I was nice and polite at all times, to those of you who know me and was wondering about my behavior. There's a staggering amount of razor sharp things hanging in easy reach everywhere, and I'm more than sure that there's more than one husband surgically dissembled at home in the freezer.....
*CRACK* owowowowowowowow
We did sooo well, it was just perfect and I got my cheeks pinched by dozens of wonderful grannies and aunties, and my butt pinched at least twice. We made a small but excellent bank, and had a great time and we were thoroughly impressed. Needless to say, we have decided to find more quilting shows to display at. There's a good chance we got more wholesale customers, and people interested in carrying the punkin flag for us so we're really looking forward to a long term run and lotsa fun along the way.
Next show is L.D. Bell, first week of December. It's a craft show, so we expect Heather's stitchery to do as well as it always does, which is extremely well. Maybe I can talk her into stitching a few sugar skull if I can convince her to stop beating me long enough to finish this one..... owowowowow..... d.

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