20 December 2008

Fort Worth followers....

Everyone in and around Fort Worth needs to head to Cabbage Rose on Vickery. They're having the biggest, best sale! I left with a huge bag of fabric yesterday :) They have tons of autumn and halloween fabrics on clearance, including flannels. I have a whole new stash for next year!

You've seen my posts about our new home....
We're considering hosting a craft show/open house this October. Lots of our own art & craft combined with a select few additional artists. Any input would be appreciated as we plan this event! I can't wait to hear your ideas.....:)
Get in touch with me if you are interested in displaying your wares. More info will be forthcoming as decisions are made and details are nailed down.

14 December 2008

New Inspiration

I think most crafters know how difficult it can be to find new inspiration. Occasionally I'm overwhelmed by new ideas and maniacally try to fit loads of new things into the schedule, but this time of year you're more likely to find me grumbling about special orders and making things I know will sell rather than new and fun items. In an effort to stave off holiday boredom and overload I took a class from my very, very creative friend Naomi in wool applique. I have always loved the look of traditional penny rugs but now there are a plethora of new designs to inspire. I found that learning a new stitching method has provided all the impetus I needed to work happily through Christmas. I'm even excited about some new spring ideas.....
If your holiday is too busy to include a class or
new project, let me suggest scheduling one early in the year. New skills and fresh ideas are so important. Here are a few things I've completed since the class: