24 June 2013

Back to basics.

Last week was spent stitching. Normal right? Well, kind of. I may stitch for a living, but that means whipping out wool applique samples for shows and magazines rather than embroidery these days. Last week I focused solely on using embroidery to define and color a pattern sample which is where I began in the fiber arts industry. I have always LOVED embroidery! I think I forgot how zen it can be to place stitch after stitch and see a beautiful image appear. I will be doing more this week! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Anonymous said...

A year later, but here I am! Lovely. What stitches did you use to outline plant stem?
I hat "comment moderation" Ill see if I can make it thru..

Anonymous said...

did it go thru? do i have to go thru comment moderation every time??:(

PunkinPatch said...

I satin-stitched the stems and back-stitched along each side to smooth the edges slightly. Thanks for asking!