22 July 2016

Wooo.... Summer.

Parents: Are ya ready for the school year to begin?? You know what I mean, right? Please tell me I'm not alone!

Keeping this boy busy all summer is wearing me out. When he started kindergarten last year I was beyond excited to have 6 uninterrupted hours, 5 days a week to work. I missed him, of course, but we were all gettin' stuff done! It was amazing and then wham! Summer break. In Texas, school is out in May and the break lasts through August. That's a long, long time to keep a six-year-old busy, active, learning, and not glued to the television or iPad. We were doing well for the first month, before it was "center of the earth" hot. It was 105° yesterday. Now, he's a little bored. We'll make it, obviously, but the school year will be most welcome!

I have had time to stitch up a few new goodies to show you.....

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