23 June 2016

It's hot, so I'm already wishing for Autumn!

I always look forward to summer....gardening, travel, vacations, swimming, relaxed schedules. And then it gets hot. Texas hot. 97° to 100° every day starting mid-June and stretching into September and beyond. I regret my wishful desire for summer to "hurry up and get here already" and start looking forward to Fall.
How is summer in your neck of the woods? Go ahead, make me jealous!

While I'm currently longing for Autumn, folks in the magazine world have been planning for it a long time already. The Autumn issue of Primitive Quilts & Projects will soon hit retailers and we have a perfectly prim Hallowe'en project on those pages. Hopefully you subscribe (worth every penny, y'all) but if you don't, we'll have copies for sale around July 15th along with kits for our delightfully spooky kitty project. I believe images of each project featured are currently on the website www.primitivequiltsandprojects.com.

Let's try to keep cool, ok?

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